SUNSHINE BERTRAND - CHLOÉ to GIVENCHY, LONDON to IBIZA: creating eyewear for fashion’s luxury leaders

Sunshine Bertrand created her namesake company, following a fine art education, and having worked in fashion as a stylist and trend forecaster then she headed up eyewear at Victoria Beckham for 8 years. Sunshine Bertrand designs eyewear for world renowned luxury fashion brands including Chloe, Givenchy, Kenzo and Lucy Folk. Leading creative direction and trend forecasting alongside showing the way for responsible design and supporting sustainable materials innovation, Sunshine Bertrand balances aesthetics and commerciality for their clients. 

SARAH CORBETT - how the craftivist collective creates change with 'gentle protest'

Sarah Corbett is an award-winning activist, campaign consultant, Ashoka Changemakers fellow and founder of Craftivist Collective who has helped change government laws, business policies , hearts and minds. In this podcast we discuss Sarah’s ‘gentle protest’ approach to activism, how craft can be a powerful and uniting force for good and how affective campaigns for change including one for Marks and Spencer have led to results that change lives.

FASHION AND MENTAL HEALTH - appearances can be deceptive

Fashion is a unique blend of creativity and business. When the balance is found the results can be remarkable. Seeing a creative concept come to life, sell, make people smile and connect with others through an unspoken language is thoroughly rewarding. However fashion demands a lot, emotionally, creatively, mentally and physically. In this article we look at mental health in the fashion industry.