Black Neon Digital is an editorial platform and podcast series hosted and produced by Jodi Muter-Hamilton featuring founders and visionaries who are each in their own way making a positive impact within the fashion industry. 

Fashion stories in a vivid light. 

With a focus on:
Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

Black Neon Digital also offers consultancy services,  working with brands and businesses to identify and create solutions helping them to connect in a meaningful way with their audience.


At Black Neon Digital we believe the future of fashion is to find a holistic approach that harnesses technology whilst keeping crafts alive, to push the boundaries of possibility and to support each other to create businesses that can provide growth without harm.

By sharing a series of thought provoking conversations with the people behind businesses & brands that make a difference we hope to inspire you to be the change.

Through discovering new new ways of thinking we hope you are inspired to use innovation and technology whilst elevating traditional craftsmanship, to create something in your own vision.

Understanding how other people made their vision possible can shine a light on our own path, turning our dreams in to reality.

Creating a community of like minded people who are doing something in their own vision to make a difference, make us stronger, using the power of collective consciousness.

By featuring ethical brands and retailers who do not compromise style for ethics we help to build a sustainable, ethical fashion industry.

Black Neon Digital consultancy supports businesses to provide economic growth without harm, and harness technology to innovate and implement long lasting change.

JODI MUTER-HAMILTON founder Black Neon Digital photo by bec o'conner

JODI MUTER-HAMILTON founder Black Neon Digital photo by bec o'conner


Black Neon Digital was founded by Jodi Muter-Hamilton, who following a position of head of design & sampling in an overseas (Mauritius) swimwear factory, Jodi created her own designed and made in Britain, luxury swimwear brand BLACK NEON in 2008.

Jodi experienced first hand what it's like to build a luxury business with strong aesthetics and ethics. Needless to say it was not easy, the global financial crisis certainly didn't help sell swimwear, nor did being let down two years running by the UK based factory for stock delivery deadlines. But lessons learned, debt paid back, still with a love of the business of fashion, Black Neon Digital is the next adventure. 

Prior to founding her own swimwear brand Jodi graduated from Kingston Uni with a degree in fashion and has worked for over 20 years in fashion retail management & visual merchandising, patterncutting, fashion PR & marketing....

More recently as marketing manager for one of the UK's most innovative mobile messaging platforms Novastone Jodi's love for technology has grown. In 2014 launching an App for personal stylists & their clients (which had the functionality of WhatsApp alongside enabling users to share wardrobe ideas and purchase fashion brands through affiliate links). This later developed into an enhanced white label solution for large fashion luxury retailers. Launching the world's first mobile messaging App that used CRM data and iBeacon (location based) technology at Salesforce's Dreamforce Event in a collaboration with Proximity Insight took the functionality of the App to the next level. 

From being the sole employee of the founding entrepreneur to the time Jodi left a 15 strong team in-house development team at Novastone (and the company had pivoted to become a fintech firm, yes that's what can happen in the tech world!) she acquired an extremely comprehensive overview of creating, building, implementing & marketing tech, including and all the ups and downs that go with it!

Understanding how the fashion world views tech, and how the tech world operates Jodi combines intuition & experience to help businesses reach their goals. In practice each individual project she consults on can look extremely different; creating benchmarks for ethical fashion compliance, branding & social media strategy, UX/UI user group testing, essentially really getting to the bottom of what it is a business needs and helping them to get there. 

If you'd like to work with us send an email to

Special thanks to all the interviewee's for making Black Neon Digital a reality, to photographer Bec O'Conner for your talent & support, and to Szymek Lawik for making the music in our podcasts. 

All podcasts produced in-house by Jodi Muter-Hamilton for Black Neon Digital...practice makes perfect!