Black Neon Digital is a communications agency that helps to build businesses with integrity.

Our editorial platform and podcast series hosted by Jodi Muter-Hamilton features entrepreneurs and visionaries using fashion as a way to create change.

We are passionate about using technology and innovation to create sustainable products and businesses that promotes creativity and craftsmanship. We work with founders, brands and businesses to identify opportunities and create meaningful business direction.

JODI MUTER-HAMILTON founder Black Neon Digital photo by bec o'conner

JODI MUTER-HAMILTON founder Black Neon Digital photo by bec o'conner


Black Neon Digital was founded by Jodi Muter-Hamilton, a Kingston University fashion graduate, who following a position of head of design & sampling in an overseas (Mauritius) swimwear factory, created her own ethically made in Britain, luxury swimwear brand BLACK NEON in 2008.

Jodi has experienced first hand what it's like to build a luxury business with strong aesthetics and ethics. Needless to say it’s not easy, but it is worthwhile. With this in mind, Black Neon Digital was created to support entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.

Over the past 6 years Jodi’s love of technology and innovation has grown. In 2014, head of the FashionTech curve, Jodi launched one of the UK's most innovative mobile messaging platforms created by Novastone. An App designed for personal stylists & their clients (which had the functionality of WhatsApp alongside enabling users to share wardrobe ideas and purchase fashion brands through affiliate links), later developed into an enhanced white label solution for large fashion luxury retailers.

They also launched the world's first mobile messaging App that used CRM data and iBeacon (location based) technology at Salesforce's Dreamforce Event in a collaboration with Proximity Insight took the functionality of the App to the next level. We are proud to say that Jodi continues to work with Proximity Insight today.

As a translator between the worlds of fashion and technology Jodi combines intuition and experience to help businesses reach their goals.

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